Civil Will-Green Party

The Civil Will Party (CWP) the precursor of the current Civil Will-Green Party (CWGP) was established on March 9, 2000 when Oyun Sanjaasuren was elected as the Chairman and Z. Narmandakh as the Secretary General. The party won their first seat in the parliamentary election that same year. In 2005, the CWP strengthened its activities by establishing the Civil Will Youth Wing and soon after this the CWP also structured the party to have their own senior, women, youth, and student organizations. In January 2006, the special session of the Fourth National Convention was held and the CWP officially announced that it would work as the opposition in the Parliament. In 2009, the party formed a coalition with the Democratic Party for the presidential election which resulted in victory. Elbegdorj Tsakhia was elected and became the first democratic president of Mongolia.

The CWP consists of the following organisations: the National Convention which is gathered once in every four years; the National Committee which consists of 200 members gathered annually; the Political Council with 36 members gathered on monthly basis; and the Monitoring Council consisting of 5 members. The main executive organization of the party is the Secretariat under the direct management of the Secretary General.

The municipal branches of the party operate at the grassroots level. There are 6 policy committees within the party that operate in the field of Budget and Finance, Education, Science and Culture, Legal Activities, Foreign Relations, and National Security.

After the 2012 election, the pary obtained two seats in the parliament and is now one of the partners in the government. In Grand National Coalition, established to address economic slowdown and to introduce major policy and legal reform, CWGP’s deputy chair M. Khurelsukh serves as Deputy Minister of Ministry of Environment and Green Development to continue policies and actions initiated by long time standing leader and party chairwoman Oyun Sanjaasuren, who is president of the United Nations Environment Assembly, representing the Mongolian government. In addition, the party obtained its first ever seat in Capital City Representative’s Council.



Oyun Sanjaasuren

Khuder-Yan Byambasuren
Secretary General

Engkbat Dangaasuren

Enkhtuya Chuluunbaatar
Acting Head of Secretariat

Bulgan Bayasgalant
International Liaison to CALD


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