Singapore Democratic Party

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) was constituted in 1980. It believes in, and is working towards restoring human, civil, and political rights in Singapore; fostering a vibrant and dynamic society based on pluralism and diversity; cultivating a transparent and accountable political system; establishing an economic system based on free competition and equal opportunity for all; removing all policies and practices that discriminate against the less fortunate, women, and minorities; and cooperating with democratic parties and organizations in Asia to achieve peace and sustainable development in the region.

It is the first opposition party in Singapore to have a youth wing (Young Democrats) and to deploy internet as alternative media. It uses blogging, political videos and online forum to reach out to the people. The Central Executive Committee (CEC) governs the party with Wong Souk Yee as its chairman and Dr. Chee Soon Juan as its secretary-general.

Party leaders and members have had to endure a series of government-orchestrated court cases, and even imprisonment, for exercising their fundamental rights to freedom of expression and assembly in the recent past.

During the 2011 general elections, the Party garnered 36.8% of the valid votes in the constituencies it contested. The SDP was touted to be the most “improved” opposition party, making the largest gain in the share of votes.



Wong Souk Yee

Chee Soon Juan
Secretary General

John Tan
Vice Chairman

Jaslyn Go
International Liaison to CALD


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Telephone: +65-6456-4532
Fax: +65-6453-4532

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The Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) was inaugurated in Bangkok in 1993, with the support of then Thai Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai and South Korea’s Kim Dae-Jung. CALD, which offers a unique platform for dialogue and cooperation, is the only regional alliance of liberal and democratic political parties in Asia.
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