The Democrat Party

The Democrat Party, founded in 1946, is the oldest political party in Thailand, and is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia as well. Since its inception over 60 years ago, the Democrat Party has held ideologies that oppose all forms of dictatorship, and is committed to the promotion of democracy for the people, and most importantly, by the people. The survival and existence of the DP has not come easily, The party had to go through political struggles throughout its history that has four periods:

1st Period (1946-1967)
Party Building, Pro-Democracy and Anti-Dictatorship

2nd Period (1968-1979)
Party Rehabilitation and Democracy Promotion

3rd Period (1979-1990)
Policy Improvement and Participation in National Administration

4th Period (1991-Present)
Leading Party Opposition and Coalition Government

Introduction the People’s Agenda

Throughout its history, the DP has always stood firm on the principles of democracy, freedom, transparency, accountability, and public participation. These principles, stipulated in the Party Guidelines have guided the party in the last six decades, and will continue to guide it for many years and generations to come.

Under the leadership and guidelines of Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva and the Executive Committee, DP aims to provide the Thai public with a viable responsible political alternative to the populist political environment that has been permeating the Thai atmosphere since 2001. Through various schemes and measures implemented since 2008, especially the People’s Agenda, the Party has been able to steer national development toward a new direction. It uses the idea of “policy for the people and by the people”, which highlights the point that “People must come first”. The Party has assured the inclusiveness of its socio-economic policy and measures. Programs such as 15 years of free education, income-guarantee initiative for farming population, debt relief and access to micro-credits, and social and health security scheme had been launched when they were in the government.



Abhisit Vejjajiva

Chiti Krairiksh

Kiat Sittheamorn
Deputy Leader, Foreign Affairs and Economics

Chala Anusuraya
International Liaison to CALD


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