VulnerAble: From Risk to Resilliency

“VulnerAble: From Risk to Resiliency” is a handbook that documents CALD’s climate change initiatives in the past years and sets its future climate change agenda. It is divided into three parts: (i) Liberalism and Climate Change; (ii) Environmental Party Agenda and Governance Platform; and (iii) Best Practices in Climate Change Adaptation.


20 Speeches That Define Asian Liberalism and Democracy

It is a compilation of 20 memorable speeches that define CALD’s history. More than just representing the evolution of CALD, this collection also captures the development of liberalism and democracy in Asia.



CALD @ 20: Toward New Horizons

“Toward New Horizons” is a coffee-table book compilation of CALD events throughout the years. It was launched during the celebration of its 20th Anniversary in Manila, Philippines.



Freedom to Organize: Volume One: Best Practices

“Freedom to Organize Vol. 1: Best Practices” is part of a CALD Political Party Management Series that tackles about the best practices in party management, hoping to make its humble contribution to the maturing of Asian political parties, and consequently, to the cause of democracy and freedom in Asia and beyond.


Tracking Aid: Public Accountability in Official Development Assistance

“Tracking Aid: Public Accountability in Official Development Assistance” is a collection of essays by parliamentarians, government and international aid agency officials, academics, and members of civil society. most of the essays saw first light as papers presented at an international conference on aid that was organized by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD). This book, in which they now appear along with other contributions, follows the Official Development Assistance (ODA) process from donor institutions and governments to recipient nations and presents experiences from each end.



Political Parties in Asia

“Political Parties in Asia” has grown out of research conducted for a CALD conference held in Bangkok in January 2002. The conference brought together 28 political parties from eight Asian countries to discuss strategies for combating corruption in the political process. The conference was based on the underlying premise, repeatedly confirmed by the participants, that corruption poses a threat to democratic development.



Political Party Accountability: Principles and Realities

“Political Party Accountability: Principles and Realities” was the written outcome of a CALD workshop with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) wherein political party leaders and reformers from both ruling and opposition of nine countries to share experiences, network, and challenges in having strong, accountable political parties and in tackling money politics.



Political Party Strategies to Combat Corruption Workshop

This publication was the product of a CALD workshop in collaboration with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) last 14-16 January 2002. This workshop was part of a broader regional program launched in March 2001 to support political parties in their efforts to implement internal reforms through enhanced democracy, accountability, and transparency.



Democratic Transitions in Asia

“Democratic Transitions in Asia” focuses on political changes in the Asian region. Since the 1997 economic crisis, countries of the region are seeing greater demands for the accountability of leaders. Symbolic of the region’s continuing struggle for democratisation, the President of South Korea, Kim Dae Jung was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000, joining other recent Asian Nobel laureates, Aung San Suu Kyi, the Dalai Lama, bishop Carlos Belo, and Jose Ramos Horta.



The Political Dimensions of the Asian Crisis

“The Political Dimensions of the Asian Crisis” covers new ground by focusing on the politics of what has generally been taken to be an economic crisis. Rising above a strictly academic interpretation, politicians, journalists, and NGO professionals lend their voices in the first critical and insider scrutiny of the political aspects of the Asian crisis.

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The Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) was inaugurated in Bangkok in 1993, with the support of then Thai Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai and South Korea’s Kim Dae-Jung. CALD, which offers a unique platform for dialogue and cooperation, is the only regional alliance of liberal and democratic political parties in Asia.
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