CALD Resolution No. 3 S. 2015

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CALD Resolution No. 3 S. 2015

CALD resolution congratulating the National League for Democracy (NLD) for its imminent electoral victory as seen in the initial election results, and urging all stakeholders to ensure Burma’s successful transition to democracy

The Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD):

Aware that the 8 November 2015 general election is the first openly contested nationwide election for the NLD in 25 years, and is undoubtedly an important step in Burma’s recent march towards democracy;

Noting that the NLD needs 329 seats to get a winning majority in the 664-seat Parliament, a quarter of which is reserved for the military;

Noting further that the voter turnout was about 80% of an estimated 30 million eligible voters, and that various groups observing the electoral exercise reported a relatively free and peaceful elections;

Cognizant that while the elections were relatively free and peaceful, they could not be considered fair because of undemocratic constitutional provisions regulating the electoral process, apart from the massive disenfranchisement of many members of minority groups among other election irregularities;

Mindful that despite the unfair rules and practices, the NLD appears to be headed to a landslide victory against the ruling, military-backed Union Solidarity Development Party (USDP);


Welcomes the acceptance of the USDP of the initial results of the elections indicating opposition victory;

Sincerely hopes that the military would respect the will of the people and would prevent a repeat of what happened in 1990, when an NLD landslide victory was subsequently nullified by the military;

Applauds the people of Burma for enduring long lines under the scorching heat of the sun so they can freely exercise their right of suffrage – their dedication to the cause of democracy is truly an inspiration to people all over the world;

Calls on Burma’s election commission to remain professional and unbiased, and for the people of Burma to be vigilant, as the tabulation of remaining votes continues in the coming days;

Urges all stakeholders to continuously push for Burma’s democratic transition beyond elections, knowing fully well that elections are just a crucial first step in the long and more difficult process of democratic consolidation; and

Congratulates the NLD for its imminent electoral victory, and wishes its leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, great success as she and her party build a democratic, developed and inclusive country that the people of Burma so rightfully deserve.

For the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats:

Oyun Sanjaasuren, MP

Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats

13 November 2015

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