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Bulgan Bayasgalant

CALD Youth Chairperson
Civil Will Green Party of Mongolia

Ms. Bulgan Bayasgalant previously served as the CALD Youth Secretary General, and currently serves as the Chairperson. She also serves as the President of the Youth Wing of the Civil Will Green Party of Mongolia. Prior to her position at the CALD Youth, she had worked as the Foreign Relations officer at the Civil Will Party, successfully completing the mission of bringing landlocked Mongolia’s third-force liberal party to the fellow Asian liberals’ network. Ms. Bulgan also held positions at the Parliament of Mongolia and Ministry of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia previously, thus an ideology of liberalism and green development is always a priority in her career.

She had run for the City Council elections in year 2012 as the youngest among all candidates. Despite the loss of the elections to the current governing Party candidate, she had been recognized as the youngest candidate and received notably high votes from an abandoned suburb of Ulaanbaatar.

Apart from her political career, Ms. Bulgan is a successful young entrepreneur serving as the CEO of Mongolia’s emerging supply chain management company where she is trying to introduce a world-scale professional supply chain management service that the mineral-rich Mongolia currently lacks as well as the CEO of Mongolia’s emerging TV channel and magazine “National Times News HD” where she is trying to establish a politically independent news source which is quite rare in Mongolian media industry.

Ms. Bulgan Bayasgalant has a degree in International relations, Political Science and Business Administration from American University in Bulgaria and Butler University, Indiana, USA respectively.

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